Urban Powers – 07 Frank Oakley – Jack O’ Both Sides

November 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 29, 1919

Mr Frank Oakley

Jack O´ Both sides?

Mr Frank Oakley, of Hill Top, Conisborough, who also supported, said he was a magistrate, had been a member of the Conisborough Parish Council and the Doncaster Rural District Council, and is now a member of the County Council. He thought it highly essential that they should be more vigourous and efficient administration in the district.

Mr Marshall: up to this enquiry you have been on the other the side? – I think not.

You quite sure about that? – Yes, quite sure

Mr Willey: I am instructed to put the same question. Is there no particle of foundation for this suggestion that on at least one of these occasions you were absolutely opposed?- I think not.

You think. Is that as high as you put it? – I am sure not.

Why did you say.” Think about”? Did you never say to anybody at any time you post to the scheme? – I might have expressed an opinion as regards Urban Powers. There was a counter scheme for municipal powers, and I was in doubt as to which was a better of the two.

Mr Willey: I instructed to put it to you by men associated with you, that on the previous application you were just as opposed to it as you now are glibly in support of it.

Mr Ogley: I think not

The Chairman: did you give evidence? – I think not

Mr Willey: He thinks not? (laughter.)



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