Conisborough C.C. – Wombwell, Balby and Swinton

24 August 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 3.

Conisborough 51 Wombwell 87 for 5.

Rev W A Strawbridge 14 F. Turner 24*, T Baker 27*

The return Mexborough and District League match was played on Saturday on the Conisborough ground in pleasant weather. A considerable quantity of rain fall in the morning, and consequently the wicket was rather soft on the top, and it was not improved by the rapid drying resulting from the afternoon sun. When the teams met at Wombwell, the League leaders had an easy victory, the Conisborough men being quite unable to make an impression on the home score of 160. On Saturday. The visitors took a strong team and  Conisborough, were unable to put their full strength into the field.

The Conisborough captain, the reverent W.A.Strawbridge, won the toss and decided to bat first. They were all out for 51 and their prospects looked very poor indeed. Whittlestone bowled remarkably well, sending down 8 overs, not having a solitary run scored off him and taking three wickets.

Wombwell were five wickets down for 33, which was exactly the same as the Conisborough score at that stage of their innings. T Baker, one of the best of the war more batsmen, joined Turner. The two batsmen made very light of the Conisborough bowling and each having a not out innings improving their already excellent averages. After the winning runs were added play continue for some time.

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 17

Conisborough 153 for 7 Balby 70.

I Day 32, Rev W A Strawbridge 36 G Hardy 5-20

This match was played at Conisborough on Saturday. The home team batted better than they had done before this season, the performances of the reverent W A Strawbridge and I Day being especially meritorious. F.W.Keys was batting nearly an hour for his runs. G Hardy took five wickets for 20 runs.

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 24.

Swinton 65 Conisborough 69 for 8

A Robinson 4-9 A Robinson 14

Perhaps one of the most interesting features on the Swinton enclosure was played on Saturday, between Swinton and Conisborough, in the Mexborough and district league.

Neither of the teams are figured very prominently in the league this season, and each team stove hard to be victorious on Saturday. This honour however fell to the lot of Conisborough and right well they deserved to win too.

Swinton  batting first, only rattled up the small total of 65, against which Conisborough, by a bit of good luck managed to get 69 for the loss of only eight wickets, thus gaining a well deserved victory under the circumstances.

Two of the Denaby players were very conspicuous on the Conisborough side, namely, a Robinson and W. More and  they did themselves credit, especially Robinson, with both bat and ball. Robinson was top scorer on the Conisborough side with 14, and Mr “extras” following close-up with 13.

Conisborough, by their victory now hold a respectable position in the League, and one which they have no need to be ashamed of, considering the clubs that have competed in the same league this season. It is earnestly hoped that Conisborough “have better days in store,” as the saying has it.



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