10. Architect – Worst Mining Village

July 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 1920

Worst Mining Village

Charles Ernest Elcock, architect of York, said that in 1916 he inspected the Denaby district, and made a general inspection of the houses in April and June of this year.

Answering Mr Lowenthal, witness said that on first going through the village it struck him as being the worst mining village he had ever come across, and he went home determined to make a further investigation.

His Lordship: What other mining villages would you compare it with?

Witness: With Hemsworth, which is not far from Wakefield, and with the mining town of Castleford.

Mr Waugh: Has Hemsworth, a water supply?

Witness: I should think so.

Mr Waugh: Have they a privvy midden system in Castleford?

Witness: It may be so.

Mr Waugh: Have you made any investigations about Castleford?

Witness: I have not. I want to say that making a general observation of Denaby, I thought it was the worst place I had come across.

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