12. Nurse Swallow’s Strong Word

July 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times July 24, 1920


Elizabeth Swallow, of High Street Mexborough, formerly health visitor, Denaby, examined, by Mr Mortimer, said that the word “horror” applies to the conditions at Denaby Main, and should be stronger.

His Lordship: Will you give us the word?

Witness: I am afraid that I should have to ask for the court to be cleared (laughter.)

The backyards she described as being in “a state of rabble” although there was evidence of their having been asphalted once. She always found that there was a smell of human excrement that it was almost possible “to cut through.”

Mr Waugh: And at all times. There would be a smell?

Witness: At all times

Mr Waugh: There would be one last Saturday? – Yes

And last Friday?

Witness: Yes, it would be there in spite of the cleaning up. (Laughter.)

Mr Waugh: Do you know that the Colliery company have provided a recreation ground for the children of the district?

Witness: I don’t know that.

Mr Mortimer here handed in a photograph of the recreation ground, and his Lordship observed that he could see chickens on it.

Mr Waugh: And the chicks, my Lord (laughter.)

This concluded the evidence.

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