Urban Powers – 18 Mr H.M. Marshall – The Plight of the Rural District

November 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 29, 1919

Mr H.M.Marshall

The Plight of the Rural District

Mr H.M.Marshall, for the Doncaster Rural District Council spoke of the necessity dependence, which poor rural areas had upon the wealthy districts, for the maintenance of their long lengths of highway, and said that if these continual application for urban powers were going to be granted, there would soon be an end of the Rural District, which could not survive.

He condemned the scheme as ill-conceived and selfish in its delimitation of the boundaries.

The proposed urban district, he argued, could be, to be supported without taking the Cadeby Colliery from the Rural District, and urged that, having regard to all the difficulties, now likely to disappear, the Rural District Council, had administered this area well, and was quite capable of providing all that might be hoped for from urban powers.


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