1859 – Boy killed on a Railway


1859 October 8 th Independant

Boy Killed on a Railway

On Thursday morning, a boy named Joseph Wressell, seven years old, whose father is s farm labourer residing at Denaby, set of to go to school at Mexborough, along with his brother and sister, aged respectively six and four years.

Some time after the two younger children went to a ferryman, near to the Midland Railway, and told him that their brother had been run over by I train. Meanwhile the driver ofa South Yorkshire train, passing along the line, saw the body of the child, and drawing up, sent a platelayer who was working on the line, to go to it. He did so, and found that the child was quite dead.

A Midland train had passed the place shortly before, and it is supposed that the child was killed by it.

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