1859 – Stealing a bottle of Gin – Three months in Prison

February 1859

1859 26 February

Stealing a bottle of gin

Robert Thompson, a tramp from Doncaster, was charged with stealing a half gallon bottle of gin, the property of Mr F Ogley of Hill Top Conisbrough.

On Saturday afternoon, prosecutor┬┤s carter, on his way to Rotherham, called at Hooton Roberts, to leave some beer. He at this time observed that a half gallon bottle of gin was in the wagon, and covered with hay.

On reaching the bottom of Hooton Hill on his way to Rotherham, he missed the gin. He at once stopped his horses, and going back gave information to the policeman of the district.

Suspicion rested upon the prisoner who had been seen near the cart, and the policeman on finding him at a public house in Conisbrough, charged him with the offence. He admitted having had the bottle in his possession, but said he had found it.

He afterwards admitted having taken from the cards during its descent of Hooton Hill, and that he had sold it for 1s 6 1/2 d (7p) to George Jackson, Labourer from Broomhouse near Doncaster with whom he had met at the Station Inn at Conisbrough.

Jackson was visited by the police and at once gave up the bottle and Jane.

Prisoner was committed for three months.

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