1861 – Temperance Gathering and Turnip Taking

September 1861

1861, September 23, Sheffield Independent

Annual Temperance Gathering at Denaby

Wednesday, September 17 being the day selected for the annual temperance gathering at Denaby, it was celebrated in a field kindly lent by Mr Parkin. The gathering numbered 2000.

During the afternoon a temperance meeting was held on the ground, presided over by John Guest Esq of Rotherham, and addresses were delivered by the Rev John Fisher of Rawmarsh; Mr P Sinclair of Edinburgh; Mr Luke Midgley, of Denaby; and Mrs W.S.Britain, S Hoyland, and J.S.Bartlett of Sheffield.

1861, February 11, Sheffield independent

Turnip Taking

Elizabeth Robel, an older woman living at Denaby, was fined 6d (2 1/2 p), and ordered to pay costs and damages amounting altogether to 10 s 6d (52 1/2 p), for taking turnips from a field belonging to Mr Luke Story, at Hooton Roberts.

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