1862 – Trespassing for Game

October 1862

1862, October 12, Sheffield Independent

Trespassing For Game

Frank Cliff, boat hawler, of Masbro┬┤, was summoned by Charles Rogers, gamekeeper, for trespassing on certain lands at Denaby, the property of Arthur Fullerton, Esq., On the 27th ult, in pursuit of game.

The prisoner was represented by his sister.

Prosecutor stated that when passing a Hayrick, near a corner of the wood at Denaby, he saw the prisoner crouching down behind the rick, with a gun in his hand.

He went up to him, and charged him with being in pursuit of game.

Prisoner gaveup his gun, and admitted he was doing wrong, saying he supposed he should have to go to Wakefield for it.

Fined 20 shillings and costs.

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