1864 – Sinking of Shaft at Denaby Main

December 1864

1864, 19th December , Sheffield Independant

The South Yorkshire Coal Trade

Sinking of Shaft at Denaby Main

We have to note the continuance of the great activity in the coal trade of South Yorkshire.

Orders come in briskly both from the Metropolis and the provincial markets, and the prospect of a severe winter has had the effect of stimulating business.

Silkstone’s and Barnsley house coal are in excellent demand, and the tonnage raised is beyond precedent.

The South Yorkshire coal fields are still extending eastwards.

During the last few days the Denaby Main Colliery Company has put down first-class machinery, and engines of great power to sink a shaft which will eventually be more than 500 yards deep, to what is known as the “Barnsley bed”

The pit is at Denaby, between Mexborough and Conisbrough.

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