1867 – Manslaughter at Conisbrough

80 October 1860

1867, August 31, Sheffield Independent

Manslaughter at Conisbrough

Yesterday Mr Joseph Wright, the coroner for the County district of Doncaster, resumed the enquiry at the Red Lion Inn Conisbrough, touching the death of William Platts, aged 27, whose death was occasioned by injuries received in a fight at Conisbrough, on Saturday night last, with a man named Joseph Stacey.

Other preliminary enquiry on Monday witnesses stated that in the course of the fight between the two men, the diseased had the fight all his own way, and that Stacey did not strike him at all; but it was now shown that in the last round, to which the deceased was incited by his father, and after Platts and distinctly said that he should not fight any more, Stacey hit him on the breast, and that then Platts reeled away, said “Oh dear,” and died almost immediately.

The medical evidence was that the death of the deceased was caused by a fall of law, which ruptured a blood vessel on the brain

The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against Stacey.

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