1868 – Denaby Main – New Colliery – Company Registered

May 1868

1868, May 28th

New Collieries

The Mining Journal states that several new collieries are about to be opened out in the South Yorkshire district.

Amongst other spoken of is one on the extensive estate of Earl Manders, near Wath, and another on the line of the Denaby Main, which is the deepest in the County, and where the coal is said to be thicker than at almost any other colliery

1868, March 23rd

Denaby Main Company Registered

The Investors Guardian, gives in the following list of new companies registered during the past week;

North West of England China Stone and Clay – Capital £25,000 in £1 shares

London Lubricating Oil And Patent Paint – capital £5000 in one pound shares

Sao Vincente mining – capital £50,000 in £5 shares

Denaby Main Colliery – capital £110,400 in £60 shares

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