1868 – Slaughter of Sheep on the South Yorkshire Railway

May 1868

1868, May 23rd, Sheffield Independent

SLAUGHTER OF SHEEP ON THE SOUTH YORKSHIRE RAILWAY About two o’c1ock on Thursday afternoon, ten sheep, the property of Mr. Spooner, farmer, of Denaby, near Mexhro’, were killed whilst crossing the South Yorkshire line at Ferry Boat crossing.

It appeared that a flock of from 120 to 130 were in the act of crossing the line to be washed in the Rver Don, which runs near to Denaby.

Just at the time the majority of them were crossing, the passenger train leaving Doncaster for Sheffield smashed through them, killing ten of them on the spot, and sending their limbs in all directions.

The engine driver only saw the sheep at the level crossing, when he had got within 20 or 30 yards of them, but was unable to pull up in time to allow them to escape.

The bodies of the animals were taken Up and conveyed away in a cart.

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