August 3rd 1900 – John Biggs An accident of a serious nature occurred to a miner named John Biggs at Denaby Main Colliery on Friday August 3rd 1900. The unfortunate man was following his usual occupation, when a fall of coal took place which caught Biggs on the right leg and fractured it a few inches above the ankle.
First aid was immediately rendered by John Nolan of Mexborough, and he is to be commended for the admirable way in which he attended to and generally supervised the arrangements for getting the sufferer to the surface, where he was removed to Mexborough Montagu Hospital, with all possible speed.
This case demonstrates the value of having a knowledge of ambulance work, so that, whenever the occasion requires it, alleviation of the suffering of the injured may be attained. August 9 th 1900 – Charles Wright A boy named Charles Wright, residing with his parents in Annerley Street, was injured at Denaby Main Colliery, on August 9th 1900. The boy was engaged as a pony-driver, and was accidentally knocked down by a train of corves, and received injuries to his body and left arm. He was removed to Mexborough Montagu Cottage Hospital and his injuries were attended to by Dr. Twigg. September 7 th 1900 – Herbert Jowett A boy named Herbert Jowett, was following his normal duties on Friday September 7th 1900, as a pony-driver at Denaby Main Colliery, when a fall of bind took place and he sustained severe injuries to his right hand.
He was attended by Dr. Twigg and detained in the Montagu Cottage Hospital.

September 26 th 1900 – J.Raynor

An accident occurred on Wednesday September 26 th 1900, at Denaby Main Colliery, to a man named J. Raynor of Cliff View, Denaby Main. He was taken home in the colliery ambulance and his injuries attended to by Dr. Twigg.

November 30 th 1900 – J.Moran

A man named J. Moran, from Mexborough, and working at Denaby Main pit, met with an accident on Thursday November 30 th 1900, in which he fractured his right leg, he was conveyed by the colliery ambulance to hospital where his injuries were attended to.

December 13 th 1900 – Thomas Kirby

An accident befell a miner named Thomas Kirby at Denaby Main Colliery on Thursday December 13 th 1900. Kirby was following his employment when a fall of roof occurred, and he sustained injuries that necessitated his removal to Mexborough Montagu Cottage Hospital, where he is reported to be doing well.

December 28 th 1900 – Kaye

A man named Kaye was rather seriously injured at the Cadeby Main Colliery on Friday December 28 th 1900, by a tub of coal, his injuries were to the head, and fortunately he is doing well.

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