Boy Found Dead in Bed

April 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 20th 1912.

Denaby Boy´s Death. – Found Dead In Bed.

Mr. Frank Allen (Coroner), held an inquest at the Denaby Main Institute on Tuesday, touching the death of Frank Whitehead, the seven and-a-half year old son of Frederick Whitehead, a wagon repairer, of 69 Barnburgh Street, Denaby, who died in bed during the night of Sunday April 15th.

The father said that the deceased had suffered from bilious attacks frequently, and had been attended by Dr. McArthur, who last visited him about eight weeks ago. On the night in question witness went to bed with the deceased and another son. The deceased complained of feeling sick, and witness gave him something to drink. He was very restless during the night. At nine o´clock next morning witness found him dead in bed. He seemed as though he was in a fit, and Dr. McArthur was sent for.

Dr. McArthur said he last attended the deceased for a bilious attack about six weeks ago. He was a fairly well nourished boy, but had a week heart.

Witness was called to see him on Sunday morning at 9-30, and found him dead. He had held a post-mortem examination, and attributed the cause of death to chill of the liver setting up congestion, and thus leading to a bilious attack. The primary cause, was congestion of the liver, which set up vomiting, and undue strain on the heart. The second cause was heart failure.

A verdict of ” Death from natural causes,” was returned.

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