Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 160 for 7 Wath 274 for 6 – Another batsman’s day

10 June 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 10

Denaby Main 160 for 7                           Wath Athletic 274 for 6

G. Robinson 42, R Coope 38*               T Hargreaves 41, J Morris, 32, L Cutts 101*, F Turner 50* ; L Robinson 5-68

It proved another batsman´s day, when, on Saturday, Wath visited Denaby for their return game, taking with them F.Ross, were been doing things in the South Yorkshire league, in place of W Deighton.

Foster was unable to play for the home side, and Betts failed to make in an appearance, the two vacancies been filled by Gibbs and Larke.

Denaby lost the toss, and in doing so, as was very evident by the time their visitors declared their big innings close, they lost all chance of winning.

Not that was score slowly, once they got down to it. But what hopes can a side have of passing. a total of 274 in just a little over two hours? None, and Denaby had none, but they were certainly left with ample time to lose. They made a sporting game of it, however, playing with no regard for the clock, and when the home side had four wickets down for 108, the visitors were presented with the prospect of pulling the game of

Dick Coope, however, who had sent down a ball that had broken Cutts bat, now made a very telling use of his own. Hitting to the boundary freely, he sent a six into the roadway, and another into football ground, and stumps were drawn with the reply at 160 for 7.

The great batting feature of the day was, of course, the fine century by L Cutts. He played a masterly innings, hitting 18 fours and was not out when his side declared, with F Turner unbeaten after running up a half-century.

Luther Robinson was the only ball on either side to gather wickets. He got five for 68.

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