1923 – Apr 26th – Denaby United 3 Scunthorpe 0 – Scunthorpe well beaten

April 1923

Denaby United win

Scunthorpe well beaten

Three clear goals

Scunthorpe United 0 Denaby United 3

Scunthorpe: Reynolds; Smith and Betts;Hill, Crooks and Moore; Meredith, Rushby, Gittos, Whitham and Maycock

Denaby United: Mitchell; Coope and Taylor; Peters, Kennedy and Hill; Bentley, Powell, Burkinshaw, Homer and Godfrey A strong west wind blowing across the ground interfered somewhat with the play at Scunthorpe yesterday (Thursday). But there was no denying the superiority of Denaby. Scunthorpe won the toss, but Denaby´s centre half, Kennedy, dominated the play in the early stages. He fed his forwards with delightful passes, and was prominent both in attack and defence. Play was accordingly confined to midfield for quite a long spell, but thrills were provided every now and then by the Denaby right wing pair and the Scunthorpe left. Mitchell once threw himself at a dangerous centre from Maycock, and Burkinshaw, after cleverly tricking Betts, sent in a beautiful shot which Reynolds just managed to divert.

Denaby took the lead after 23 minutes, and it was a cleverly obtained goal. Kennedy initiated the movement near the halfway line, and combining beautifully together, the Denaby forwards, carried all before them, BURKINSHAW, finishing with a low screw shot which had Reynolds well beaten. Scunthorpe´s goal had a miraculous escape shortly afterwards. As Reynolds left his charge to tackle Burkinshaw, the ball glanced to Powell, who with the empty net at his mercy, drove it wide.

Three minutes before the interval, Denaby increased their lead and it was a glorious goal. BURKINSHAW was again the scorer, and from quite 20 yards out. He drove in a high ball, which Reynolds touched but found too hot to hold.

When the teams crossed over, the home right wing, came into the limelight for the first time, but the close challenging of the Denaby defenders prevented Mitchell from being seriously troubled. Play deteriorated a good deal as the half progressed, but Burkinshaw was always dangerous, and once when he parted with the ball to Homer, Reynolds did well to save the latter´s shot.

The half was 12 minutes old when, Denaby scored their third goal. Hill sent Godfrey along and the latter put Homer through. Crooks made a half-hearted attempt to stop him, but HOMER regained possession, and carrying the ball to the close quarters, tapped it, past Reynolds into the net. Five minutes later, when Betts handled, Kennedy drove in a great shot which struck the lower part of the bar and rebounded against Reynolds back. The ball rolled almost onto the goal-line before Reynolds was able to recovery it. After 25 minutes there was a certain liveliness in the home front line. Maycock once downed Kennedy, and in a determined onslaught on the Denaby goal, Rushby hit the upright with a great shot. There was more excitement now that at any previous period in the game, and hard knocks were freely given and taken, but there was no more scoring.

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