1923 – Apr 28th – Denaby United 4 Lincoln City Res 0 – ‘Imps’ trounced

April 1923

The “Imps” Trounced at Denaby

Denaby´s Complacency

Denaby United 4 Lincoln City Res 0

Denaby United: Ekins; Coope and Taylor; Peters, Kennedy and Hill; Hamilton, Powell, Burkinshaw, Bretnall and Godfrey

Lincoln City Reserves: Applewhite; Codd and Wren; Curtis, Richardson and McHare: Waites, Payne, black, Hemmington, and Emery

For their last match but one of the Midland league season, Denaby had as visitors the lowest club in the table, Lincoln City reserve. Denaby appear to regard the match as a pretty safe proposition, for they never really exerted themselves, although they scored four goals. Had they put up their best into their work and sees all their chances, the final score would have been much nearer that which the “imps” were defeated at Wath. There was only a moderate crowd present, and the game was not particularly sparkling. It smacked a good deal of the end of season feeling, and Denaby, on the whole, took things very easily. Hamilton and Bretnall appeared in Denaby frontline, Elkins playing goal instead of Mitchell, who did duty against Scunthorpe on the previous Saturday.

Denaby won the toss and in the first 6 min got two goals. The opening minute of the game so a dashing raid by the Lincoln forwards which, however, was kept at bay by Coope, and from that point to the end of the first half, the defence was very rarely troubled. The game was 5 min old when the scoring was open. Hamilton put in a splendid run, and sent across a beautiful centre to BRETNALL, who drove in a simple shop which Applewhite, the Lincoln goalkeeper, should have saved easily. The latter mystic, however, and the ball went straight through to register a very easy goal for Denaby.the next minute so Denaby register another goal, this time a very clever one. Bretnall was trying to get through.and he passed the ball to POWELL, who scored with an excellent shot.

Denaby were having all the play, but they finished badly. They created any amount of openings, but their shops were very erratic, and in addition, they seem to be quite satisfied with their lead. Had they desired further score and it could, no doubt, have trebled their scoring in the first half.

Within 10 min of the restart, Lincoln´s a defence was being put through the severest trial of the game. Bretnall this is a fine chance when he failed to get the ball in from a well-placed colicky, and then Hamilton made a smart individual raid. He got well up the field, and was tackled by a couple of defenders, but he managed to getting a shot and banged the ball over the ends of the defenders, where GODFREY banged it into the net with a fine first-time drive. Another 10 min had passed when BURKINSHAW, who had done good work throughout the game, and had not yet succeeded in scoring, registered Denaby´s fourth goal. His performance was a particularly smart one. He got the ball on the other side of the freight line, and ran clean down the middle of the field, beating every defender, were attempted to check him, and drove the ball into the far corner of the net with a shot that had Applewhite beaten all the way. The Lincoln goal had a remarkable escape in the last few minutes. Burkinshaw was going through again when one of the defenders handled just outside the area. A freaky was awarded and Kennedy struck the underside of the crossbar was a tremendous shot, the ball dropping the goal-line and bouncing out.

Denaby were far and away the superior side and Lincoln very rarely troubled their defence. The home forwards were a smart lot, but did not take full advantage of all their chances. When they got going over the visiting artefacts found them too hot to hold, and it was the work of the two backs, Wren and Codd, that gave the home forwards the most trouble. The Denaby halves played a splendid game, and the defence was quite sound.

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