2000 Picture Collection awaiting New Home

April 1963

South Yorkshire Times, April 13.

2000 Picture collection is awaiting a New Home.

A Conisbrough family are looking for a home for nearly 2000 picture postcards depicting churches throughout the world and representing the lifetime hobby of the late Mrs Eva Cooke, of Hamline Road, Conisbrough.

When Mrs Cook died. She passed the cards onto her grandson, Mr Brian Cooke (21) that he and his wife, Molly, formerly of Conan Road, Conisbrough, have now moved into a new flat in Church Lane, Mexborough, and do not have room for the collection.

The 12 albums containing the cards are the home of BrianĀ“s mother, Mrs D Cooke, of Lilac Grove, Conisbrough, who told the “South Yorkshire Times”: “the collection was a real passion was her, and she had been gathering it since she was young girl.”

“We had to bring a card back from anywhere we went and she asked everyone she knew to bring them back when they were on holiday,” added Mrs Cooke.

“When we couldn’t buy cards we used to take photos and even sent for holiday guides to cut out pictures of churches.” She said.

Many Countries.

The result of the late Mrs Cook’s efforts is an unrivalled collection of cards, photographs and cuttings, which capture within the pages of the 12 albums, churches and cathedrals, of the British Isles, Russia, America, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, France and the Channel Islands, to name but a few of the many countries represented.

A collector at heart, the late Mrs Cook also spent much of her time adding to a 300 piece miniature china collection, which has now been given away.

Her daughter-in-law added: “Brian has looked after the collection, but rather than keep it around the house, he says he will let it go, if it will do anyone any good.”

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