The Victoria Cross Deed

September 1919

The Deed

The Action by Sgt Calvert took place on September 12th 1918.

At one time during the attack on Havringcourt it was doubtful as to whether the attack would be successful, owing to the determined enfilade machine gun fire from Boggart´s Hole, south of the village.

Sgt Calvert, with a wonderful display of great bravery, cleared this doubt.

Alone and single-handed, he rushed forward and attacked a machine gun team, the crew of which he bayoneted three and shot four.

There is no doubt Sgt Calvert´s bravery resulted ultimately in our taking Havringcourt, as the enemies machine guns, placed in Bogart´s Hole, were the main defence of this village on the South side

(Signed) Harold F.Lea, Lieutenant-Colonel, A.A., Q.M.G., 62nd division

Mr G.L.Robinson bore the costs of the handsome frame in which these two documents were enclosed.

The gold watch was suitably inscribed, after the manner of the watches which are being given to other Denaby and Cadeby men.



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