A Dirty House – Parents Given Another Chance

December 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 22

A Dirty House

Parents Given Another Chance

At Doncaster, yesterday, Samuel Stone, described as a chimney-sweep, of Denaby, was with his wife Bridget, charged with neglecting his children.

Inspector L. Bradley, of the N.C.P.C.C., said that on December 6th he found their house in a shocking condition. In one room downstairs the table had old refuse on it and the floor was in a dirty state. There was practically no furniture – just two chairs. A room upstairs was in a deplorable state, infected with vermin and filthy in the extreme.

The children had been neglected for a considerable time. The case first came under the supervision of the Society as far back as March 3rd last.

He had had many promises from the man and woman to improve the home. The man was a good worker, and undoubtedly took home most of his earnings. The woman however was a “slut”.

Sergeant Elliott, of Denaby, said that when he went into the home, dirt could be shovelled off the floor, of one of the rooms and in the pantry there were a quantity of rags and some rabbit-skins, also about a hundredweight of coal.

The husband, in evidence said that he had never spent a penny in either beer or tobacco, and had been slaving from morning till night to keep his family from starvation.

The wife pleaded that she had done her best.

In binding both the defendants over for 12 months, the magistrates (Mr. G. E. Cooke Yarborough in the chair) said that the Bench had great difficulty in knowing what to do in the case.

It was no use fining the defendants and no use sending them to prison.

He hoped that they would try to improve

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