A Great Honour and a Great Responsibility

June 1960

South Yorkshire Times, June 6.

A Great Honour and a Great Responsibility

Conisbrough Urban Council has been elected to the National Executive of the Urban District Councils Association. 18 local authorities sit on the national body, which represent 564 councils and 28 affiliated provincial associations.

“It is a very great honour and a great responsibility.” Clerk to the Council, Mr R F Edwardson, told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Monday.

Mr Edwardson, himself a member of the Executive Committee of the West Riding Association for eight years, and Councillor a Haywood, formerly a standing delegate to the National and West Riding Associations, will be Conisbrough’s representatives on the National Exactly which meets in London.

Conisbrough, has long been a prominent authority in this field, and played an active part in the formation of the West Riding Urban District Councils Association after the last war, providing that bodies first chairman in former councillor, Mr D. Sheldon, of Conan Road, Conisbrough.

The Conisbrough authority is also prominent member of the South Yorkshire Council group.

Mr Edwardson is honorary secretary of the group, and the Council is represented by councillors G Cheshire and A Haywood

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