A Landlady and her Lodger at Denaby

March 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 5

A Landlady and her Lodger at Denaby

William Jukes, of Denaby, was charged by Elizabeth Peters, a married woman of that place, with assaulting her on the 26th.

Mr Rhodes appeared on behalf of the defence.

The complainant said the defendant and his wife had been lodging at her house. One night he came home “tipsy” andas she had one of the little ones dying in the house, she requested him to be as quiet as possible.

He was cursing and swearing, and creating a great disturbance. As he would not behave himself, she gave him notice to leave. Last Thursday he came to her door again, put up his fist, and said what he would do to her – that he would kill her before he went away.

Also told her to call her husband downstairs and he would murder him.

By Mr Rhodes: I was fighting with his wife when he came. She had charged me with stealing one of those sheets.

Mrs Wall, of Denaby, was called by the complainant, but she gave evidence entirely in favour of defendant, and the case was dismissed

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