A Nasty Temper

December 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times December 23

A Nasty Temper

On Sunday at Doncaster Thomas J. Gregory a miner of Denaby, also sectary of one of the Y.M.C.A. branches, was summoned by his wife, Elizabeth A. Gregory for desertion.

She told the court they were married in 1905 and there was four children.

On the previous Saturday he came home worse for drink and told her to clear out. She took him at his word. She had to stay out all night.

She had left him previously but had returned to him. That was 12 months ago. She said she was afraid to live with him.

In reply to her husband she said she did not see her son and he had never asked her to go back. As a matter of fact she had no desire to return.

The defendant said he sent his son to ask her to return but she refused, he also asked her the same night to return. She had no need to be afraid of him.

He admitted he had a nasty temper. The bench made an order for the payment of 15/- a week. And the defendant left the court exclaiming he should not pay.


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