New Conisborough Bookmaker & Miner Bound Over

March 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 29.

A New Conisborough Bookmaker and a Miner Bound Over.

Thomas McHugh, a miner and JohnGoughBookmaker, of New Conisborough, were charged (the latter in custody) with aiding and abetting a breach of the peace at Hooton Roberts on 10 March.

PC Lancaster stated that at 7:15 AM on the 10th inst. He was on duty in plain clothes, in company with PC Richardson, at Hooton Roberts, when a prize fight was to be decided.

When the fight reached the fourth round the defendant McHugh looked through the hedge to see if there was anyone coming. He (witness) heard Gough make a bet of 3 to 1 on one of the principals.

He (witness) then showed himself, and Gough ran down the field. They caught the principles. They afterword saw Gough, and told him he would be reported.

PC Richardson, corroborated.

McHugh: I was never near the hedge; I took the clothes up.

Gough said he went just to see the men fight.

They were both bound over in the sum of £6 to keep the peace for six calendar months.

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