Absenting Himself from Service

May 1878

Mexborough Times, May 17, 1878.

Absenting Himself from Service.

Thomas Cooper, of Conisboro´, was charged under the employers and workman´s act with absenting himself from the service of his master, Mr Berry Holdsworth, farmer, of Conisboro´. Mr Holdsworth stated that the defendant was in his employment as a Martinmas servant.

Hired him in February last at £10 a year. Called him up on Saturday at about 5:30 a.m. He answered the call, but never saw him again until Sunday morning, about six o’clock. Complained about him being from work all Saturday.

On Tuesday morning last sent him with a beast to Askern mill. He returned home between eight and nine o’clock at night, instead of taking the beast to Askern mill as directed, he had left it at Stainforth; in fact he (defendant) did not know where he had left it.

Mrs Holdsworth deposed that she was the wife of the last witness and that on Tuesday last defendant was sent to Mr Priestley, of Askern mill, with a beast. She saw Mr Priestley at Doncaster station on the Wednesday and he asked why they had not sent the cow. She told him they had sent it the day before, but he said he had not received it.

The cow was found at Stainforth low mill, where it had been left by defendant. On Saturday, the fourth inst, heard her husband call defendant up, and he was absent all day.

Mr Holdsworth (recalled) said the defendant been absent all day on Saturday kept his horse and cart standing idle. He assessed the damage at seven shillings.

Defendant, in answer to the charge, said that he did not know there was anything to do for horse and cart if he had been at home. He said his master was like a “roaring lion” to him. There was never a day, but something was up, in fact he was frightened of him. He was always “agate” of him.

Fined 15 shillings, including costs.

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