Accident of Serious Nature – Pony Driver’s Compound Fractures

March 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 29.

Accident of a Serious Nature

Pony Driver’s Compound Fractures

An accident of a serious character occurred at the colliery on Thursday to a boy named Williby, residing with his parents in Doncaster road.

He was engaged as a pony driver, and was following this occupation, when he was knocked down by some loaded corves, which trailed him for a considerable distance.

He was extricated as speedily as possible, and first aid was rendered by Mr J Soar, under manager. He was afterwards conveyed in the colliery ambulance to the Mexborough hospital and attended to by doctors Craik and McClure.

Upon examination the unfortunate boy was found to have sustained a compound fracture of the right leg, and the left leg was fractured in two places, one being in the thigh, and the other just above the ankle joint.

At the time of writing is reported to be making satisfactory progress, and his injuries are not likely to prove fatal.

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