Accident of Serious Nature to Manager of Co-operative Stores

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5.

Accident of Serious Nature

An accident of a rather serious nature befell Mr A Noble, manager of the Denaby Co-operative Stores, on Tuesday evening.

Mr Noblehad only recently learned to ride a cycle and was proceeding down Doncaster road when he met with a wagonette coming in an opposite direction.

The road was somewhat narrow at this point owing to the opening out of a new gas main.

Mr Noble appears to have lost control of his machine just as he was passing the vehicle, with the result that he fell towards the vehicle, his head striking the “boss” of the wheel, and he sustained severe injuries to the head, and was otherwise badly shaken.

Mr Noble was conveyed to his home as speedily as possible, and his injuries attended to by Dr Forster.

At the time of writing he is reported to be making satisfactory progress.



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