Accidents at Denaby Main

May 1878

Mexborough Times, May 1th, 1878

Accidents at Denaby Main

A serious accident occurred at Denaby Main Colliery on Wednesday last, to a young man named G.Spencer, of Conisbrough, who is 27 years of age, and followed the employment of a screen man.

In some unexplained manner the young man’s arm was caught between the buffers or some wagons and severely crushed.

Dr Hall, of Conisbrough, was soon in attendance and advised the sufferer’s removal to Doncaster infirmary, where it was found necessary to amputate his arm.

A singular accident occurred at this colliery on Friday last, fortunately not attended with any serious consequences, although considerable damage was done.

It appears that six full tubs were in the act of being drawn up the pit, when about 20 yards from the bottom. The catch – commonly known as the “Jack catch” – snapped, and the tubs were precipitated with considerable violence to the bottom, smashing them up in such a manner as to render them totally unfit for further use.

Some idea of the force of the fall may be imagined by the fact that the tubs were doubled up right on the second deck, which is one deck below the ordinary position.

This is the third time that such an accident has occurred.

The pit was in consequence set down for the day.

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