Advice to Conisbrough Wardens – “Be Prepared”

March 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 02, 1940

“Be Prepared”
Advice to Conisborough Wardens
Refresher Courses Planned

Conisborough air raid wardens were congratulated by several speakers when they held a supper at the Station Hotel. Conisborough, on Wednesday, on their efficiency and enthusiasm, but a call was also made for all wardens to keep themselves prepared. Coun. A. M. Carlin (Head Warden) presided over an attendance of about 100 and among the guests were Mr. J. A. Harrison (Don Valley A.R.P. organiser), Mr. E. L. Howden (Chief Warden for the Don Valley), and his deputy (Mr. A. Mellor), Mr. H. Thirlwall (representing the other A.R.P. services in Conisborough), Mr. R. H. Davis (Sub-Divisional Chief Warden). Mr. E. Pacey (Deputy Head Warden at Denaby), Mr. A. E. Platt (Deputy Head Warden for Conisborough), Inspector Moxon, P.c. Parkin and P.c. Bilble.

Coun. Carlin, who also acted as toastmaster, extended a welcome to the visitors and, in referring to the wardens work locally regretted that only a few were present when they tried refresher courses, but he could tell them definitely that night that there were going to be courses in practice and theory in incendiary bombs. They would have to have the classes two or three nights a week. “Do not let us get into a fool´s paradise”. Coun. Carlin declared “They will come and we want to be prepared”.

The toast of “The Wardens”, was given by Inspector Moxon (who also represented Supt. T. Gordon, Doncaster). Inspector Moxon congratulated the Conisborough Wardens on the real live way in which they did their job. They were one of the finest sections in his sub-division.

Mr. Howden making the first response, referred to Hitler´s broken promises and his advice to them was “Be Prepared”. And the only way to be prepared was to be efficient and by attending refresher courses. They should know what to do and do it properly and quickly.

A second response was made by Mr. Mellor.

The toast of “The Visitors” was proposed by Mr. Platt in a speech which he concluded with a witty piece of verse he had written specially for the occasion. The work entitled “The Warden” produced roars of laughter.

Replying, Mr. Harrison spoke of the improved spirit of co-operation between the various services in A.R.P. generally and remarked that had been due to the various exercises held. The exercises had drawn the services together and had shown them how dependent services were on each other.

Mr. Davis also responded and on behalf of the Warmsworth wardens extended an invitation to the Conisborough wardens to join with them socially and in panel games.

Entertainment was provided by Messrs. Arthur Platt, Cyril Wileman and J. Brett.


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