Aged Woman’s Fatal Fall

May 1960

South Yorkshire Times May 2, 1960

Aged Woman’s Fatal Fall

A 79 years old Conisbrough woman, who fell and broke a femur on April 10 died in Mexborough Montagu hospital, from pneumonia and bronchitis, a Mexborough inquest heard on Tuesday, the Doncaster District coroner, Mr K.D. Potter recorded a verdict of “Accidental death” on Mrs Catherine Banham, 35, Gardens Lane, Conisbrough.A

Miss Mary Lillian Bainse, who is in partnership in a grocery business with the dead woman’s daughter, Miss Eva Harriet Reveley, said she returned to the house for a lunch break when she saw Mrs Bramham knelt in front of the fire. She had fallen, and was complaining of a pain in her legs. Mr Baines rang for a Doctor, and Mrs Banham was taken to hospital where she died on Sunday.

Dr Hugh Richman, pathologist, said cause of death was pneumonia and bronchitis, arising from a fractured femur.

Dr Mohammed Abdul Mann, said that Mrs Banham was in good condition when she went into the hospital, and so on operation was performed. She continued to make fairly good progress, but contracted pneumonia.



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