Albert G.Gulliford – Denaby Main Inventor – Economical Pit Shovel

June 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 17

A Denaby Main Inventor

Economical Pit Shovel Patented.

Mr Albert G.Gulliford, of 125 Tickhill Street, Denaby Main, has just patented a new invention of ways which, he calculates, will effect substantial saving in the working of collieries. The invention is a shovel suitable for use by miners, and it is constructed in two parts, the shaft and blade holder in one piece and the blade itself making the other.

The blade holder is flanged so as to form a socket, and into this socket the blade itself fits, and is fastened by means of screws. By this means the blade of the shovel may be taken out and change as often as necessary, whereas at present, at most collieries when the blade is worn the whole shovel is thrown away. The holder is so constructed as to be capable of holding any sort of blade, and round or square blades can be used at will. This invention will effect a saving, Mr Gulliford estimates, of 50%.

A representative of the “Times” spent an interesting half-hour with Mr Gulliford in his workshop, where he was shown several of his inventions. Mr Gulliford is also the inventor of a new reflecting glass for miners lamp, which had been tried in a variety of types of lamp with great success.

Asked if he was attaining any success in the direction of the proper reward for inventions, Mr Gulliford laughingly remarked: “the British manufacturers have not taken them up as I thought and I shall perhaps after go to foreign countries to get recognition – a thing. I do not really want to do.”

Mr Gulliford has been working for several years on and apparatus for testing gas by means of an electric lamp, and they see all shortly to bring to a successful issue. Another very ingenious invention is a cup and saucer so made to fit together that the contents, when the articles are shaken, will not spill over onto the cloth. This is really a very clever piece of work, and Mr Gulliford hopes to get it. Take note and the article turned out in enamel where.

At present he is working on several inventions not connected with the mining industry.

Mr Gulliford is chief lamp man at the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries.


2 thoughts on “Albert G.Gulliford – Denaby Main Inventor – Economical Pit Shovel

  1. Jane Gulliford Lowes

    Hello, I’ve just stumbled upon this wonderful article. Albert George Gulliford was my great grandfather. We knew a little about him, but the articles on your site (including the photographs) have provided so many details! Thank you for sharing. By the way, he eventually sold the patent for this adaptations to the miners’ lamp for a small fortune, to Wolf Miner’s Lamps.
    Thank you
    Jane Gulliford Lowes

  2. james Post author

    Hi Jane

    Thanks for those kind words

    There are at least 7 articles including a couple of Photos !

    He must have well respected in the area and in the mining industry




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