Alleged Murderous Assault at Conisborough.

April 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 15

Alleged Serious Assault at Conisborough.

Mr S Nicholson, solicitor, asked that the charge of assault at Conisborough might be postponed for a week.

Lord Auckland: I don’t see it on the charge sheet

Superintendent Sykes: It has just been entered my Lord. It is a case in which John Batty, a Conisborough farmer, charges William Smith, of Conisborough, with assaulting him on Monday night last.

Lord Auckland: What is Smith?

The superintendent: He has to do with cattle.

Police Sgt Morley: He has been away from his house.

Mr Nicholson: I object to the defendant been admitted to bail.

Lord Auckland: You had better tell some circumstances of the case.

Mr Hall: I appear for the defendant. My friend (who appeared for the complainant) and I have agreed to the case been adjourned.

The magistrate┬┤s clerk her observed that the defendant had been away from home and had surrendered that morning.

Mr Hall said the defendant had no intention of absconding.

Mr Nicholson: I have no objection to bail, if he is a householder.

Lord Auckland: it is a serious case.

Mr Nicholson: the complainant is recovering now, but he was very seriously beaten.

Mr Hall: I have two witnesses who will put a different construction on the case altogether, it will be a very simple case of assault.

My friend and I have agreed to a fortnight┬┤s adjournment. My client has not been away from home, except in this morning when he came to Doncaster. Having heard that a warrant was all out for his apprehension, he came to see the superintendent.

The case was then adjourned, the defendant been bound over in his recognizances for five pounds to appear that day week.

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