Alleged Persistent Cruelty at Denaby

December 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 28.

Alleged Persistent Cruelty at Conisbrough.

William Brammer, miner, of Conisbrough, was summoned by his wife, Ann Brammer, for an alleged aggravated assault committed on 17 December. She also charged him with persistent cruelty.

The complainant made a rambling statement, but she refrained from telling the magistrates what her husband did to her.

The Chairman: What did your husband do to you?

The Complainant: He did nothing.

The Chairman: Then why did you summons him?

The Complainant: Well, he hit me with a lock.

The Chairman: Are you going to go on with the case or withdraw It?

The Complainant: I think I will withdraw it sir (laughter)

The Chairman: why?

The Complainant: Because I think he will be better.

The Chairman: We shall adjourn this case for a month, and if your husband does not treat you properly you must come here and make a complaint. It appears to me he has been treating you badly for many years.

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