Alleged Theft at Denaby – Stealing Thorns

April 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 26 April 1901

Alleged Theft at Denaby.

James Bennett, Jr of Mexborough, was summoned by the Denaby Main Colliery Company, for stealing thorns at Denaby on 2 April.
Mr J.H.Pawson this appeared for the prosecution and Mr W Baddily for the defendant.

Mr Pawson, stated that the farm bailiffs for the Denaby Colliery Company, engaged a man some time ago to cut some hedges in a field.

About 9.30 on the second April he went into the field and saw the defendant and a man named White, loading a cart with the thorns.

He told them they must not take the thorns away, but they took no notice of it, and went on loading the car. He went away, but he met the defendants again. He asked them where they were going. One of the defendant said. “To Jerusalem.” But instead of going there they went to Mexborough.

Henry Broome, gave evidence in support.

The thorns were very good ones.

After hearing the defence of Mr Baddeley, the case was dismissed.

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