Allen and another v Bamford

May 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 29.

Allen and Another v Bamford.

At the last sitting of the Doncaster County Court the following case was heard.

Complainant is a grocer, and the defendant, a blacksmith both residing at Conisborough.

Mr Bescoby stated that the whole amount owing was £33 11s 1d. Five pounds hadbeen deducted from this amount by the plaintiff in consequence of defendants wife taking care of a child. This left the amount due £28 11s 1d.From this five pounds had been deducted; defendant now claimed £12 for the care of this child.

Sarah Allen said she got married in 1879. Before that time and since she kept a grocers shop at Conisborough. Before her marriage plaintive owed £31 11s 4d for groceries. Of this he paid £1 10s leaving the amount £30 1s 4d. Soon after witness was married she was confined, and she gave the child into the charge of the defendant’s wife. The latter had it 12 weeks, and for this they allowed him £5. Defendant had made a counterclaim for attending this child, and charged £12. Defendant´s whole claim was £14 10s 6d. The balance claimed over the £12 was for some straw the complainant never had.

Mr Baddiley, solicitor, said when he served the writ on the defendant he said he owed something, but not all that Allen claimed.

Mr Allen, the husband of the first witness, stated that he never had the straw.

Defendant denied that he owed all claimed.

Judgement for plaintiff for the full amount.

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