Ambulance Recruits needed at Conisbrough

May 1963

South Yorkshire Times, May 4th.

Ambulance Recruits needed at Conisbrough.

Speaking at the annual tea and prize-giving of the St John Ambulance Brigades Conisbrough. Division on Saturday, divisional Superintendent J.Hall made an appeal for more recruits.

Mr Hall said he was indebted to the people of the Conisbrough Division for their fine efforts, but there was room for any increase in membership, especially in the woman’s branch.

Divisional surgeon, Dr D.M.Bell, who lectures regularly on first aid to brigade members, said:

“I don’t really know why people are too shy to come to first aid classes. I feel the householder has an obligation to the family to learn first aid. They seem to think that doctors should always be ready to answer calls to an accident.” He added.

It was no use people grumbling that in an emergency. No doctor was available. A doctor and his normal round to cover and would soon be criticised if he neglected those.

Dr Bell, who recently retired from general practice in Conisbrough, added, “doctors are not sitting at home waiting for an accident to. If a man knew something about first aid you would not get into a flat spin when an emergency arose.

Wonderful Help.

Dr Bell congratulated Sgt G.Townsend for the “wonderful help he gives me in running the classes is.” He also complimented lady superintendent Mrs H.Thompson for her help to the women’s classes.

Former divisional superintendent Mr P.Brocklesby, referred to the lengthening history of the Conisbrough division. There have been many changes since its foundation over 50 years ago. The well was much nearer to utopian conditions now, and he added,

“The St John Ambulance Brigade was formed at a time when conditions were not so good. The fact that members should still go and do their training, to be ready in case of an emergency, really does make this society so much the richer.” He added.

He congratulated the division on its work and know that in another 50 years they would still have as much verve as they had now.

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