An Aggravated Assault upon a Woman at Conisborough.

June 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 18.

An Aggravated Assault upon a Woman at Conisborough.

The complainant stated that at 9:20 o’clock on Saturday night she was sitting by her door, and was shouting for her husband, when her sister-in-law, Mrs Dodds, came out and told her to mind her own business. Witness told her to do the same.

The husband of Mrs Dodds then came out, doubled up his sleeves, and said what he would do to her if she went up to him. She did so, and he struck her several times in the face, givingher black eyes which she now hadand knocked her down five times, whilst her babe was at the breast.

By Mr Hall: My husband did not get me down on the table and swear that I was drunk. He did not strike me.

Ann Blayes corroborated.

The Chairman said the magistrates considered this a most brutal assault – knocking a woman down and beating her with a child in her arms.

We shall not give you the option of a fine, but shall send you to the House of Correction for seven days with hard Labour, and to pay the costs.

As defendant could not pay the costs, he was sent to gaol for 14 days

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