An Official Town Crier

October 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 14.

Conisborough Council.

An Official Town Crier.

The meeting of the Conisborough Urban District Council, on Wednesday evening, was brief and humorous, the chief discussion centring around the appointment of an official “Town Crier.”

Mr J Brocklesby (Chairman), presided.

The matter arose from the decision of the Sanitary and Highways Committee to leave the appointment in abeyance.

Mr J Maxfield asked what was the objection to an official appointment being made.

The Clerk (Mr H.M.Marshall) explained that a man had been appointed Town Crier by the Parish Council, but, since Conisborough, had obtained its urban powers, the appointment had not been confirmed.

Mr Smith said the appointment would not cost the Council anything.

The Clerk: He can cry for himself If he likes.

Mr A.E. Berry: There are half a dozen in Denaby. (Laughter.)

Mr H.Hulley: Anybody can go around crying.

The Clerk said that the question was not one which required an appointment be made. There were no particular duties, as there was no market. If the man was engaged to cry a lost child for the police, the police will be responsible for his payment.

The matter was left in abeyance

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