Another Fight at New Conisborough

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5.

A Fight at Conisborough.

Henry Jackson and Patrick McHale, miners, New Conisborough, were summoned for having committed a breach of the peace by fighting at Conisborough on June 17,

McHale did not appear.

Police Constable Kilner said the defendant had their coats and waistcoats off, and were fighting in Loversall Street. Their faces were bleeding, and there was a crowd around.

Sgt Philipson, corroborated.

The defendant Jackson had no questions to ask, nor anything to say. He had been previously bound over to keep the peace, and he was now ordered to keep the peace, and be bound over for six months.

McHale has to attend the next court date to be bound over.








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