Appleyard, Walter – Lord Major of Sheffield

November 1916

Mexborough Times, November 11, 1916

Conisborough’s Lord Mayor


Conisborough is naturally interested in the elevation of Councillor Walter Appleyard to the chief magistracy of the city of Sheffield. Councillor Appleyard, who was duly installed on Thursday in the high office of Lord Mayor of what is at the present time the most important industrial city in the United Kingdom, is a native of Conisborough.

Thus when her scoffing neighbours enquire: “Can anything good come out of Conisborough?” Conisborough may well reply, “We have at least provided the city of Sheffield with a Lord Mayor.”

Councillor Appleyard’s grandfather, we gather, was descended from old Norfolk stock, and established himself as a farmer in Conisborough.

His son, Councillor Appleyard’s father, went into business as a cabinetmaker, and was followed in it by his three sons, who extended the business to other parts of the district, principally Rotherham and Sheffield.

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield retired from business 10 years ago, but the Conisborough business is still in existence, and we believe, remains in the Appleyard family.

The new Civic head of Sheffield is a man of parts, well travelled, and some what facile in the production of oads and hymns, some of which, notably the Ode on the coronation, which was accepted by the King and Queen and sung by Dr Coward´s Choir in the Antipodes, have achieved a wider publicity.

Altogether he is a man whom Conisborough may well be proud to claim as her son, and as to the Lord Mayor, his affection and respect for the historical village in which he first saw the light is well known.

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  1. Phil Hall

    I am researching a chair I purchased from auction some 25 years ago in Cornwall UK. It has a plaque attached. It was presented to Walter Appleyard in 1916.
    Kind regards


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