Application for an Ejectment Warrant against a Denaby Miner

September 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 30.

Application for an Ejectment Warrant against a Denaby Miner

Mr Rhodes applied for a warrant of this kind against a Collier, of Denaby named John Adamson and in making the application he said he appeared to the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Co.

The man had for a number of years beenon week to week 10rent withthe company, but as the land on which the house and stood was now wanted by the company he was desired to leave the premises which he had refused to do and he (Mr Rose) asked that an order might be made as required.

The Manor brought forward several questions asked evaluation in his garden, but this did not affect the matter. That was a question for settlement in the County Court. This company could not let this stand in the way of their having their legal rights.

Mr Chambers: haven’t you an agreement signed by him?

Mr Rhodes: no Sir; there is no agreement at all.

A clerk in the employ of the company at Swinton spoke to serving Adamson with a copy of the notice to quit which was produced.

The defendant said he had been in the house for 30 years. He had 30 apple trees in the garden adjacent to the house, and he had fetched a great quantity of earth for the garden. He claimed £15 valuation.

The chairman reminded the man that he had his course open to him. He should go before the County Court Judge. The magistrates could not decide this matter, and was make an order that he give up possession in 28 days.

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