Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 , Skegness Town 1 – Nothing to Cheer About.

25 April 1964

South Yorkshire Times April 25

Nothing to Cheer About

Denaby United 2 , Skegness Town 1

The end of the season isn’t for away – and it wasn’t hard to tell at Tickhill Square on Saturday when, although there was the bright spot of any Denaby win, the whole affair against Skegness Town was a poor apology for football, ending in farce.

In the first half especially neither side showed much constructive football. Play was listless and when either set of forwards got near goal the finishing matched the rest of the play, shots flying high and wide – anyway but between the posts.

Even the referee seemed to have caught the spirit – or lack of it – when he gave a foul for dangerous play against Denaby halfback Ainscough following the first worthwhile attack on the match in the 25th minute. More surprising, a little later when Ainscough, on the ground, was blatantly punched by Williams, the referee didn’t say a word to the Skegness centre forward.

Denaby put a little more urgency into their play as first half came to a close – and were rewarded with the goal in the 43rd minute. Wood pushed the ball out to Wild on the left-wing and if passed into the middle was perfectly timed for Cox to run onto and hit past Peart.

The goal did Denaby a power of good, and they opened the second half by putting the Skegness goal under pressure – but it was Skegness, who sprang a surprise in the 66th minute, Williams heading in the equaliser from DunnĀ“s centre.

Final Farce

for the extra effort in the second half. Denaby deserved a win, but although they had the determination their finishing left them down. It was left to Skegness to provide them with the winner.

With only 4 min left and a draw looking inevitable Denaby winger Cox was robbed of the ball by full-back Richardson. Deciding to play safe Richardson turned and flick the ball back to his goalkeeper – but he mistimed it, and at first it looked as though he had done nothing worse than give away a corner until the ball, which suddenly seem to have a mind of its own, swerved inside the post past the astonished Peart.

Richardson’s anguish wasn’t helped any by a couple of Denaby players racing up to congratulate him – but they had good cause to.

Team: Hough 7; Whant 6, Foster; Ainscough 6, Jones 6, Clifton 6; Roebuck 6, Wood 6, Wild 6, Grierson 7, Cox 6

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