Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Peterborough 2 – Lucky Late Goal

April 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 27

Midland League

League Leaders in Tame Denaby Game
Lucky Late Goal

Denaby United 1. Peterborough 2

The fact that Peterborough head the League and that Denaby were in the first three seemed to offer an assurance that Saturday┬┤s game would be of fascinating sort. Actually, it was a disappointment, and well below the standard of earlier meetings between the two sides.
Peterborough fielded their strongest side, and Denaby included Hine, a former Leicester and Barnsley player, at inside-right. It was Hine who supplied the shrewd crosspass from which WRIGHT neatly scored for Denaby after seven minutes play. He also had one impressive shot himself, but it was desperately cleared off the goal-line by a full back.

It was in the early part of the game that Denaby did their best work and Wright was particularly prominent with a series of enterprising shots that were just wide or well saved by Shelton. After the first burst, however, Denaby lost the initiative and play was largely in mid-field and of scrappy quality for the remainder of the half. Exceptionally good work by Happs, Bratley and Shephard prevented the Peterbourgh forwards from being effective.

The second half continued tamely until RUDKIN scored the equaliser and then it seemed that the match would peter out to a draw. Peterborough managed to snatch a lucky winning goal in the closing minutes. Rudkin headed in a centre from the right and BRATLEY deflected the ball past his own goalkeeper, Gibson, who seemed to have it well covered. For the last minute or two Denaby strove to save the game, but Shelton was too steady in the Peterborough goal.

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