Apr 30th – The Clumsy Thieves – A drake and a Duck

April 1877

Apr 30 Sheffield Telegraph

The Clumsy Thieves.

George Morley and Joseph Burton were charged, along with a man not in custody with stealing a Drake and a duck, the property of Samuel Marshall of Wadworth.

On Sunday last, as the two defendants were walking with another man in Wadworth Churchyard, Burton was seen to drop the drake, on which information was given to police Constable Betts. The latter finding that a duck, as well as this drake, had been taken from complainants premises went after the three men. He came up with them in Wadworth Wood, and observing that Morley had something bulky under his coat, pounced upon him, and found the missing duck. Burton and the other man decamped, but Burton was subsequently apprehended at his residence at Conisbrough. The other man has not since been heard of. Both were now committed for trial, although Burton told the bench it was not he, but the man not in custody who dropped the drake. Both men received a 3 month sentence

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