Denaby Utd – Gainsborough 6 Denaby 0 – Nothing Goes Well !

4 April 1964

South Yorkshire Times April 4, 1960

Nothing goes well for Denaby

Gainsborough Trinity 6 Denaby United 0

United were out of luck when they visited Gainsborough on Friday evening and lost their Midland league game by six goals to nil.

Out of luck because, just before the game, they had tomake five changes. Out of luck because they had centre half Roy Ainscough hobbling on the wing for the majority of the game.

Despite the setbacks they never gave up, and was still pegging away when the final whistle went.

Their unconventional defence methods at Trinity bothered at first, but after Trinity wingers Waite and Cuthill had got the measure of Whant and Wright, the goals came regularly. Had it not been for the experienced Harry Hough, the defeat would have been much heavier.

Tommy Coleman and Alan Harvey, two former Trinity players, were industrious workers in the visitors attack, Coleman in particular was in trouble with a series of long-range shots, one of which hit the wrong side of a post before bouncing clear. Ainscough too rattled the woodwork when his volley was deflected by Burden.

Against “Old Enemy.”

Outstanding player in the game’s routine was “Lol” Sanderson, a former Denaby player, who still lives and works in Denaby. As in previous games he gave a powerhouse display at left half, spending equal amounts of time in attack and defence.

Team: Hough; Whant, Wright; Wild, Ainscough, Clifton; Coleman, Grierson, Harvey, Colman, West

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