Apr 7th – Important Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock

April 1877

Sheffield Telegraph, April 7th and 14th

Important Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock at Denaby.

Mr J.P.Makin has received instructions from the Denaby Main Colliery Company to SELL by AUCTION, on THURSDAY, the 26th day of April, the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, Crops Implements, etc, on Wrights and Engine House Farms, comprising:

Seven very valuable horses –

Dark Brown horse, “Captain,” 8years old, 15 1/2 hands high;
Black Horse, “Prince,” eight years old, 15 1/2 hands high;
Bay horse, “King,” eight years old, 15 hands high;
Dark Brown horse, “Ball,” eight years old, 15 hands high;
Brown Philly, ” Violet,” 8 years old, 15 1/2 hands high, quiet to ride or drive, a perfect model;
Brown carting colt, three years old;
Grey colt, three years old, by “Young ploughboy.”

Fat Cow, three Cows in full milk, heifer and calf, heifer with second calf, calf, fat; cow and calf, the cow in full milk; heifer, to calf in May; three bullocks, two years old; two pork pigs, four store pigs

A well got Clover Stack, about 30 tons; Stack of good Hay, about 30 tons; Stack of Beans, the produce of 7 ½ acres; capital Stack of Oats, produce of four acres; 20 Loads of Spring Lints, in Sacks; Quantity of Lints and Oats, unthrashed; about four Tons of Wheat Straw, six Tons of Oat Straw, three Wagons, four Carts, full Gearing for five Horses, Ploughs, Drags, Harrows, Scufflers, Weighing Machine, New Winnowing machine, Drills, Tumbrils, barrows and every Requisite for Farming Work; Stack and Wagon Covers, 100 New Sacks, Waggon Ropes, a quantity of Scaffold Poles, Thatch Pegs, etc, etc.

40 fowls and six Ducks. Also a quantity of household furniture, dairy requisites etc

Mr J.P.Makin begs to call the public attention to the above Sale. The Horses, or of a superior Class, and the Beasts are of good Quality, and the Farm Produce is well grown and got, and in excellent Condition.

Denaby is half a mile from Mexbro´ and 2 miles from Conisbro´ Stations.

Still to Commence at 11 o’clock for 12 from, in consequence of the number of Lots.

For further particulars see Catalogues

Rose cottage, Mexbro´, April 12th 1877

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