Assault after “Pantomime”

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 23.

An Assault Case at New Conisbrough.

Peter Clarke, a miner, of New Conisbrough, was summoned by Celia Sawyer for an assault alleged to have been committed upon her, at that place on 13 August.

The complainant, who looked as if she had been badly assaulted by someone, said that whilst she was standing near her own door at New Conisbrough, between seven and eight o’clock, on the 13th of August, defendant came up to her, and hit her on the jaw with his fist. He knocked her down, and kicked her, knocking three teeth out. Several witnesses corroborated.

For the defence, John Ross said that when he was in bed. He heard a `pantomime┬┤ going off in the Street. The defendant came into his house to get out of the way of the complainant and her son, who were stoning him. The complainant was drunk.

They threatened to break all the windows of the house if the defendant did not go out.

A son of the complainant had “a lot of old buck.”

Charlotte Ross, corroborated.

To pay the costs (52/-)












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