Assault by Lodger

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 23.

Assault at Conisbrough.

George Chambers, a pony driver, of New Conisbrough, was charged in custody by Sarah Waring for an assault alleged to have been committed on her on 4 August.

The complainant said on the date in question she went to bed at about 11:30 PM leaving the prisoner in a rocking chair in the house . About 1230 the prisoner came into her room and drew his hands across her face. She told him to get out of the room; she screamed, and the prisoner went into his own room.

At about half an hour afterwards prisoner came to her room again, and she told him that if he did not go out she would kill him with a bottle she had in her hand. He then returned to his own room.

She stopped up all night, and when the men came home, about seven in the morning, she told her son, all that had happened. He then went for PC Kilner, and prisoner went out and locked himself in a neighbour’s house. PC Kilner, brought him back, and prisoner said: “I do not know what possessed me to do it.”

John Waring, son of the complainant, said he heard someone screaming in the night, but he thought it was someone outside. Then he heard his mother threatening someone, and then went into her room. She told him what had happened. There was only witness and his wife in the house at the time, besides the prisoner.

The prisoner was sworn, and expressed regret at the occurrence.

PC Kilner said that the prisoner had a very good character.

The Chairman, on account of prisoner’s character, given the options of a fine of 40 shillings and 19 shillings costs, or one months with hard Labour.

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