Assaulting a Constable at Denaby.

September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 6.

Assaulting a Constable at Denaby.

On Tuesday, at Doncaster, Patrick McGrath, a miner, Denaby, was charged with assaulting PC Richardson, and further with being drunk and disorderly on Monday night.

Richardson, and PCs Barnett and Kilner were going through Denaby when they found the prisoner in a drunken state, and wanting to fight.

He was told to go home and then he set upon Richardson, and kicked him several times.

Major Dove said it was a serious case, and there was a long list of convictions against prisoner, who was committed to prison for one month for the assault. He was also fined for obstructing the police and being drunk and disorderly.






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